The Dog that Only Needed a Hug
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The Dog that Only Needed a Hug

This is Edie. She was one hour away from being euthanized. Thankfully there are wonderful people out there who are willing to help a scared dog backed into a corner.

September 26, 2012 0
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Blues captain David Backes Flies 700 Miles to Rescue Dogs

St. Louis Blues captain David Backes should have been an NHL All-Star, he certainly had the stats to make the team. But he didn’t and it’s a good thing for three dogs from Houston. According to St. Louis TV station Fox2 Now, Backes and his wife Kelly flew 700 miles during the NHL’s All-Star break [...]

February 1, 2012 0
This is Dax, one of the most adorable photos in our spring photo contest.
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Facebook update: Our Favorite Puppy Photo Entries

The entries for our spring puppy photo contest are starting to come in and we picked out a couple of our favorites to put on our Facebook page: Check them out here and give the page a ‘like’. It’s not too late to enter our contest and win prizes. Send your adorable puppy photo to [...]

April 2, 2011 0
This is our golden retriever who found a spot on her sister's dog bed after a tiring game of fetch.
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Choosing the Right Puppy Bed for Your New Dog

One of the first purchases most new dog owners make is a puppy bed for their new puppy. Think about it – if you don’t provide a puppy bed for the newest member of your family, your new puppy will have to look elsewhere for somewhere to make his puppy bed. In our case, that [...]

March 20, 2011 2
The dogs are off and running in search for Easter Eggs from our hunt a couple years ago.
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How to Throw the Perfect Dog Easter Egg Hunt

A great way to get to know your neighbors and socialize with their dogs is to throw a Dog Easter Egg Hunt. Here are tips to make your dog Easter Egg Hunt a success: – Send out invitations. A cute way to send out an invitation to your dog easter egg hunt is to attach [...]

March 19, 2011 0
Screen shot 2011-03-19 at 1.25.57 PM
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Japan Earthquake: Loyal Dog Stays With Friend

If you ever needed proof that dogs are the most loyal animal, this video following the earthquake in Japan offers it. It’s a heart-breaking video of a dog that refuses to leave a hurt friend following the earthquake in Japan. The good news is that both dogs were rescued when this video was shot following [...]

March 19, 2011 0
This picture may have been enhanced by PhotoShop but there's nothing healthy about a fat dog. Is your dog obsese? These tips may help.
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Do you own a fat dog? Signs your dog is obese

Here’s a moment of full disclosure: We have always been a little self-conscience as to whether our dogs have been a little overweight. We can’t resist but give our dogs a few table scraps or a few extra dog treats now and then. But you can’t help but wonder: Is my dog fat? The last [...]

March 11, 2011 2
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Dog dies just hours after owner in Afghanistan

This might be the most heart-breaking story of the year. On Thursday, a British soldier and his dog made their final trip home. Liam Tasker and his Springer Spaniel Theo were inseparable, just like any good dog and their owner. On March 1, Liam was on patrol in Afghanistan and was shot. He later died. [...]

March 11, 2011 0
Dog CPR saved the life of this four-year-old Boxer.
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Video: Dog Trainer Saves Dog’s Life with CPR

Ron Pace is a hero to dog and dog lovers everywhere. When a four-year-old Boxer named Sugar collapsed near the dog trainer, he didn’t hesitate to perform CPR on the dog to save Sugar. It was all caught on video. Here’s more from the New York Daily News: Pace admitted he did not know how [...]

March 9, 2011 4
Beast was adopted by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Beast's Facebook page has over 15,000 followers.
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Meet Beast: Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg’s New Puppy

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg picked up his adorable new puppy on Sunday, and already the dog has over 15,000 followers on Facebook. Not bad, Beast. The Puli puppy was bought from a breeder in Oregon and here’s what we already know about the adorable Beast, thanks to the Facebook page set up by Zuckerberg and [...]

March 8, 2011 5
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