How to Build the Perfect Dog Gift Basket

Here's an example of a popular Valentine's Day dog gift basket we sold on

After years of trial and error and talking with customers, we really got a feel for what people wanted in a dog gift basket. So whether your a small gift basket business branching out to dog gift baskets or you’re looking to build your own at home, here are somethings we would include:

- Gourmet Dog Treats: We always tried to include high-end treats that most dog owners wouldn’t think to buy their dog, but would love to receive. We were regular purchasers from Claudia’s Canine Cuisine because our customers loved their product. Check them out.

- A few good toys: Most dogs love to play, so we made sure every basket had something for a dog of every size. We always tried to stick with a color scheme when picking out toys for a basket. Presentation is always an important thing to consider when you’re giving a gift.

- A quality basket: Don’t skimp on the basket. A lot of times, our customers would use the basket as storage for the dog gifts they received. A good basket becomes part of the gift!