Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dog Christmas Photo Contest

You overwhelmed us with a slew of fantastic Halloween Photos, so we're going to have our first-ever Dog Christmas Photo Contest. Hopefully it'll be just as hard to pick three winners in the Christmas Photo contest. Here are the rules:

The pictures: Anything goes with this one. Your Dog with Santa, or your puppy under the tree. Creativity scores extra points with our judges.

The deadline: We'll be so busy sending out dog Christmas gift baskets, that we'll have to end this contest a little early. How about December 10th?

The e-mail address: Send them to cassie@doggiedeliveries.com, with the words Dog Christmas Photo in the subject line. If you can keep them around 400 pixels wide, it'll be easier for us to get them on the blog.

The prizes: We'll award an Ultimate Dog Christmas Gift Basket to the one we deem the best. We'll also ship gourmet dog Christmas treats to second and third place.

Where are the Christmas Pet Pictures? We want to see them!!!
Yes! We do too!!
Hello Everyone,

I ve just submitted 2 photos today, November 25 and I hope you all enjoy them as much as I did taking them.
Happy Holidays to all.
Just Posted of my Daisy! i hope ya'll Enjoy Santas Little Helper!
When are the pictures going to be posted? Can't wait to see all the furry babies in thier Christmas duds!!
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