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Official Tasters



Fun doggie videos

Title: Dog protects his bone
Our comment: Either this dog is really well trained for this video or he has a serious screw loose. Either way, this is pretty fuuny.
Our rating: 4 paws (out of five)

Title: Bizarre poodle workout video
Our comment: Really, I'm not sure what to think of this video. You just have to see it for yourself. I can promise you one thing, you won't see anything else like it.
Our rating: 3 1/2 paws (out of five)

Title: Kiss me! Puppies growing up
Our comment: Can you go wrong with cute puppies?
Our rating: 3 1/2 paws (out of five)

Title: Sleepy Spudgy
Our comment: This quick hitter gives you a glimpse into the life of Spudgy - who fights sleep right to the bitter end.
Our rating: 4 (out of five)

Title: Dogs who look like their owners
Our comment: I think the title says it all. There are a couple good ones in this photo slideshow.
Our rating: 4 (out of five)


"I just wanted to thank you guys, the basket was received this morning and she was surprised and extremely pleased! She called me as soon as she got it and expressed the beauty of the gift. Thanks for helping send a warm message more than half a nation away!"
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