Ten Hilarious Dog Halloween Costumes

This is the year. This is the year we don’t wait until the last minute for Halloween costumes. And that includes the dogs! To get inspired, we headed over to Pinterest where we get all our best creative ideas and we weren’t disappointed. Here are our ten favorite dog Halloween costumes:

Harry Potter Dog Halloween Costume

10. Harry Paw-ter! Get it? Paw-ter? We’re here all week.
(picture courtesy Her Campus)


9. Me want dog treats!
(picture courtesy Robyn Elias)


8. This one looks like there is dog face paint involved. That’s pretty ambitious.
(picture courtesy Betty Bailey)


7. Ch-ch-ch-Chia!
(picture courtesy Natalia Piedra


6. As an owner of two dogs and constant fighter to keep the back yard clean, I feel you poop factory dog owner.
(picture courtesy Krista Lee)


5. The perfect dog Halloween costume for golden retriever owners everywhere.
(picture courtesy Melanie Savoca)


4. Dog Chewey!
(picture courtesy Alexandria Rader)


3. This is an oldie but a goodie. There isn’t a detail missed, from the red neck down to the saddle.
(picture courtesy HGTV)


2. “I’m Dog Batman”
(picture courtesy celebritydachshund.com)


1. This poor dog looks shaken, not stirred.
(picture courtesy Madi Budd)

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