Five Tips for Buying the Perfect Dog Gift Basket

New Puppy Gift Basket New Puppy Gift Basket
New Puppy Gift Basket

New Puppy Gift Basket

For years, Doggie Deliveries specialized in sending dog gift baskets all over the country, so we learned what dogs (and their owners) liked to receive. Here are five tips when sending a dog gift basket:

1. Keep the size of the dog in mind: A dog gift basket is a great gift until a little tiny dog receives a giant rawhide bone intended for a 100-pound lab. Make sure all the gifts inside the dog gift basket are size appropriate.

2. Look local: If you’re in a hurry but don’t want to pay extra for shipping, find a dog gift basket company near you. It won’t take as long to ship and you will save you money. A local company may be more willing to help you personalize the dog gift basket.

3. Allergies are an issue: Many dogs are allergic to wheat, some are allergic to chicken or peanut butter. Unless it’s a surprise, you might want to check with the owner of the dog before buying any food-related items. Remember that dogs can’t have chocolate, so make sure chocolate-like treats are actually carob.

4. Remember the dog’s age: A 15-year-old golden retriever probably isn’t looking for a squeaky chew toy. Many dog gift basket companies have baskets designed specifically for puppies, including training dog treats.

5. Don’t forget the dog owner: Some of the best dog gift baskets include gifts for the owner of the dog, which always goes over great.

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