Bernese Mountain Dog: Dog Breed Facts (and some opinion)

This is Seeker, who was recently rescued by the fine folks at Heart of Michigan Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue.

Thinking about adding a Bernese Mountain Dog to your family? Here are some things you should know:

The history: Bernese Mountain Dogs were originally farms dogs from Switzerland and according to the American Kennel Club were named for the Canton of Bern. They were ideal for the farm, and Bernese Mountain dogs were used to do a wide variety of jobs from driving cattle to hanging out with the family. Because of their history, Bernese Mountain Dogs can be trained to pull a cart or wagon.

Character traits: Bernese Mountain dogs are a confident breed and are rarely shy. This is a cheerful dog, although a little slow to mature. These are good watchdogs and are an intelligent breed which is helpful in training. Bernese Mountain Dogs are very good-natured.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs good with children? Yes, these dogs are great with children although make sure training is always supervised. These dogs make a great family companion and typically fare well with other dogs. One thing to consider is that the average life span of a Bernese Mountain Dog is only about seven years and health is often an issue late in life. Be prepared for serious vet costs.

Maintenance: If shedding is an issue, a Bernese Mountain Dog may not be right for you. They are large dogs with a thick coat of hair and a soft undercoat that is shed every spring. Regular grooming is an important part of owning a Bernese Mountain Dog. Regular exercise will go a long way in keeping these dogs happy and content.

How big do they get? Males typically weigh from 80 to 120 pounds and females 70 to 100 pounds.

How much does a Bernese Mountain Dog cost? If you’re willing to rescue a Berner, it can be done for roughly $350 and purebreds will likely cost at least double that. Be careful when picking a breeder if going that route since Bernese Mountain Dogs come with high-risk health issues, and a reputable breeder is crucial to cut down on the chances of having issues later in the life of your dog.



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